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Image of Odette Klaia Ring
  • Image of Odette Klaia Ring
  • Image of Odette Klaia Ring

Odette Klaia Ring

by Odette NY


Thin sterling silver band with an open mountain peak, first carved from wax by hand then cast in recycled Sterling Silver.

Odette NY Odette NY is a Brooklyn-based jewelry line founded in 2006 by Jennifer Sarkilahti. Her works in inspired by organic and industrial shapes, natural specimens, uncommon artifacts, and primitive forms. Jennifer uses ancient and modern wax carving techniques and hand fabrications to lend her jewelry, in her words, a delightfully "textured, hand-drawn and unconventional" aesthetic.

The Athene Divinus collection is inspired by ancient artifacts and mythologies, divine proportion, and the geometry of anatomy.

+ Part of the Athene Divinus Collection
+ Handmade in Brooklyn
+ Available Sterling Silver